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The possibility of uses for Rapid Repair are endless! From home hobbiest to industry use, Rapid Repair can be used for any number of applications.

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Hose Line

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Motorcycle Front Fender

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Ripped Power Cord

Refrigerator Door Cam

Broken Mosaic Pot

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Broken Clamp

Car Remote

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In order to spread the word about the many uses of RR, we encourage you to send in your applications. We'd love to hear what repairs/applications you have made with Rapid Repair. Send in a few photos and details about your application and we may even add it to the site!

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Motorcyle Tail Section

Material: A.B.S. Plastic
Type of Bond: Chemical

Small protruding bits and pieces are more prone to breaking off. Tabs on motorcycle cowls are common items that don't withstand the abuse of being taken on and off repeatedly and often snap off. Don't throw that broken tab away! Secure it back on even stronger than before with Rapid Repair.

Repair area is prepped. Any paint and film is cleaned off so that A.B.S. plastic is exposed. Scuff up the plastic area and even drill a couple of holes here and there for Rapid Repair to ooze into and grab hold! Your repair will last even longer if you have a good mechancal and chemical bond.

In some instances the broken piece is lost. Mold your own!

A similar type of tab was repaired.

Rapid Repair was added to the backside of this corner to reinforce it. Most of the repairs on this cowl were on the backside, not visible once it was placed back on the motorcycle.

*NOTE: To have made the above repair full proof it would have required a hole drilled at the end of the crack to stop it spreading and surrounding holes drilled and filled with RR to reinforce the repair. Doing this would require the cowl to be repainted. The owner did not want to incure the expense, hence a quick, less full proof repair was decided upon.