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The possibility of uses for Rapid Repair are endless! From home hobbiest to industry use, Rapid Repair can be used for any number of applications.

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In order to spread the word about the many uses of RR, we encourage you to send in your applications. We'd love to hear what repairs/applications you have made with Rapid Repair. Send in a few photos and details about your application and we may even add it to the site!

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Motorcyle Fairing Repair

Material: Unknown Plastic
Type of Bond: Mechanical

Lower sportbike fairing is severly rashed and a chunk is missing. In preparation for the repair, holes are drilled around the perimiter of the damaged area to provide assistance with making a strong mechanical bond. A portion of the liquid catalyst was dabbed on an area of the prepped fairing to test and see if a chemical bond would occur. It did not feel tacky and therefore it did not appear to be a plastic that would produce a chemical bond. In order to make this a successful repair a strong mechanical bond needed to be made.

A generous amount of Rapid Repair is applied to the backside to assure a strong mechanical bond. It oozles through the drilled holes and grabs hold.

The excess material on the front is filed down. Becareful not to apply more RR than is needed on the front side, as you will find yourself spending a lot of time filing away the excess. Repair Plastic is much harder than the plastic fairing and can take a while to file down. You will also find that you might be removing more of the exisiting plastic in the process.

The repair is starting to look good.

Another successful repair! With the application of paint, it will be back to looking new once again.