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The Rapid Repair Story

Originally developed as a hoof repair for animals 27 years ago, Rapid Repair has been refined into an exceptionally strong adhesive that can be used to repair a multitude of broken materials in a matter of minutes. The result is a strong waterproof repair. RR goes from a two part mixture to a cured finished product in 5 to 8 minutes. It can be colored while mixing in the slurry stage; hand molded in the putty stage into replacement parts, sanded, machined and painted when cured. It has the unique ability to chemically bond to most plastics which results in an extremely strong repair. RR has been tested under extreme conditions (-10 degrees to 200 degrees F and up to 600 psi.) and retains its integrity to bond. RR can also be used on wood, metal and rock.

Currently, Rapid Repair is being used in auto repair shops, an engine manufacturing plant, a model shop making prototypes and in the art and boating communities. It is also being used by the landscape industry and several major medical centers and school districts in their maintenance departments. Because the cure time is so short, it allows for the rapid inexpensive repair that can be tested on the spot.

RR is not intended to be used as a first line item to replace fittings, but as a means of making a quick, strong repair where you simply patch rather than replace the broken items.

This is truly the next generation of duct tape where you have it always ready to make that unexpected repair on the job site, at home, in the RV, boat, snowmobile, plane, long haul truck or while camping, fishing or any number of outdoor activities.

More and more people are discovering RR and have had great success in making repairs.

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