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Engine Mount

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Engine Mount

Repaired Alternator Mount

This is my all-time favorite repair! To understand why, I will have to relate its history.

Bruce purchased this Saturn as a "junk, tow away" car. The original motor mount studs had broken off into the engine. Prior to him purchasing it, an overzealous "mechanic" had tried unsuccessfully to remove the broken studs by means of drilling, but off center. We were left with oval shaped holes that were impossible to simply drill and tap oversize.

Two studs were purchased at the hardware store with the same size and thread pitch as the originals that had failed. We simply put the studs in the oblong holes, and taped up the sides where the aluminum had cracked off. We mixed the glue to where it was a little on the runny oatmeal side and poured it in. The screwdrivers were wedged up to keep the studs pointed in the correct direction, and we used the motor mount as an alignment template.

It was allowed to set overnight and we assembled everything together that next morning. We were fortunate enough to be able to extract one of the 3 broken studs, so we still had a good template to center everything. we simply put a new screw into that hole. The 2 glued in studs were in there like concrete. We took a grinder and removed the excess threads that were poking through the motor mount. We drove it around a little and all was well. Bruce sold the car for I believe $1200. Not bad for a car written off by even other "mechanics".

Repaired Alternator Mount

Repaired Alternator Mount

Repaired Alternator Mount

The Suds glued in place and secure

Repaired Alternator Mount

Another angle of the glued in studs

Repaired Alternator Mount

Screwdrivers used to keep studs in place while the glue began to set

Repaired Alternator Mount

We used tape to build a "dam" for the glue to form against

Repaired Alternator Mount

Screwing on the motor mount to ensure proper alignment with new studs

Repaired Alternator Mount

Top view of glued in studs

Repaired Alternator Mount

Top view of motor mount

Repaired Alternator Mount

Different angle of completed repair