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How much is too much liquid when adding it to the powder?
You want to get the powder just wet enough that you can mix it into a nice paste consistency. Adding too much liquid making it really runny will most likely prevent the product from curing properly. You may end up with a rubbery result. You can add a little more liquid to change the consistency if needed, but be aware that adding too much is not a good idea.

What is the procedure for shipping chemicals?
Chemical products must be shipped "surface mail only", and must have the following description clearly placed on the package:
Consumer Commodity ORMD
Flash Point= 52.7F

By law you may only ship one kit per package/box via USPS.

How much coloring do you add?
Add one drop at a time while RR mix is still in the fluid state. Add additional drops as you mix for color desired.

*NOTE: By adding too much coloring you can compromise the integrity of the material and your bond will not be as strong.

Will the color come off onto your fingers when in the molding state?
No. It is chemically bonded with the RR.

Can I paint RR?
Yes. You can paint RR after it has hardened.

How do I get RR off my fingers if I forgot to wet my hands before handling?
Wash with soap and water and pick off attached hardened pieces.

Is RR toxic to the touch?
No. This same material is used to make false teeth and replacement parts for the body.

Is RR poisonous if swallowed?
Not advisable to injest RR in its pre-mixed (liquid and powder) state. Not a good idea to swallow once mixed either. It would probably be the same as swallowing a rock.

How long does it take for RR to cure after mixing and setting up?
Length of time is dependant on temperature. It usually cures in around 5 to 8 minutes from the time of mixing. After RR goes through its exotherm reaction (it feels warm to hot during this reaction) and begins to feel cool to the touch, the cure is completed.

To increase the time of curing, add additional liquid when mixing or place into refrigerator for a short time.

Does it cause water to become toxic?
No. It has no chemical reaction to water in the cured state.

How do I know that there is a chemical bond to the surface of the material that I am repairing?
Apply a drop of the liquid to the surface of the material and observe to see if there is any change (becomes sticky, discolored) If so, then it is a chemical bond. See section on chemical bonding.

Can I use RR even though there is not a chemical bond?
Yes. See section on mechanical bonding.

How strong is the chemical bond made with RR?
Has been tested to 600 psi.
RR tensile strength is 2,864 lbs per square inch, + or - 5%.

Can I glue PVC to ABS pipe?

Can you attach a new batch of RR to an old repair made from RR?
Yes. It chemically becomes one repair. Sometimes it is a good idea to connect items to be repaired with a small amount of RR and then finishing repair with a larger second batch after the first has had time to cure. (5 to 8 minutes) This allows you the opportunity to form and finish the repair without having to be concerned with the pieces pulling apart. Be sure to coat pre-bonded RR with liquid catalyst prior to applying new RR mix for better bond.

Will RR burn?
Yes. It is flammable, comparable to charcoal lighter or lighter fluid, but not like gasoline.

Do chemical bonds made with RR weaken from weathering?
No. It has been used on solar panels at Colorado State University. It has been tested from minus 10 degrees to 200 degrees with no change in bond strength.

After Rapid Repair has cured will it shrink?
RR does shrink while in the exotherm stage, but retains it's shape once cured.

What is Rapid Repair's make up?
Rapid Repair is an industrial version of Dental Acrylic that has been modified to result in easy handling. After it has reacted and is hard, it is not soluble in water and if any monomer were left over to leach out into the water, it would be so little that its effect would be nil. Remember that very similar Acrylics are used inside the human body with hip joint replacement and dentures.

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