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The possibility of uses for Rapid Repair are endless! From home hobbiest to industry use, Rapid Repair can be used for any number of applications.

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Hose Line

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PVC Plumbing

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Wire Hook

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Fence Chop Saw

Wiper Blade

Motorcycle Front Fender

Motorcycle Tail Section

Motorcycle Fairing

Car Bumper Repair


Ripped Power Cord

Refrigerator Door Cam

Broken Mosaic Pot

Porcelain Handle

Cracked Potters Wheel

Broken Clamp

Car Remote

Share your application with us!

In order to spread the word about the many uses of RR, we encourage you to send in your applications. We'd love to hear what repairs/applications you have made with Rapid Repair. Send in a few photos and details about your application and we may even add it to the site!

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Lawnmower Repair

Broken Lawnmower


This lawn mower was about 5 years old when I got it and it needed a bit of attention. The stitching was starting to give out on the bag holder (this is a strip of ABS plastic that hooks over the handle to support the grass catcher bag.) I blackened some Rapid Repair and coated it over the loose and fraying stitching on both sides to lock everything back together. Because all the threads are now locked together, one canít fail unless they all do.

Lawnmower Repair

I have used this bag now for at least 6 years and it is as good as the day I repaired it. This is also true of the other stitching that I protected that day: where the bag attaches to the mower to catch the grass, and the bottom stitching that drags on the grass when mowing.

Repaired Lawnmower