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Mosaic Pot Repair

Material: Ceramic
Type of Bond: Mechanical

Becareful when you move your precious pot so that your sleeve does not catch the doorknob as you walk by! The person carrying the pot was jolted back as the pot continued through the air and landed with a crash!

It looks like a very daunting repair as there are not only so many large pieces but so many smaller ones as well. Had the pot not been a mosaic it would have certainly become a very unsighlty repair when back together with so many lines and cracks showing. Fortunately those would be hidden among the many lines and cracks of the existing grout!

The initial attempt was to try and do a piece at a time, but that realization came to and end when as the pieces started to come together everything was slightly off, making the pot out of round. Fortunately only two pieces had been repaired at the time and so in an attempt to try and pull them apart the Rapid Repair held and the pot broke in another area! It was then realized that all the pieces need to be put in place to make sure the pot retained as close to its original shape as possible. With the use of duct tape strips and a few more hands the pot was put back together so we had an idea of what went where, and how much space between pieces there was to apply Rapid Repair.

Another shot of the pot as it was carefully pieced back together with duct tape.

We tried to piece the pot back together as loosely as possibly so that it widened the cracks slightly. This gave us the ability to seep Rapid Repair into those cracks to secure the bond. The consistency of the mix was made extra runny for this project so that A. It did not set as quickly, and B. So that we could literally run the liquid in the cracks. The pot had to be repaired in several stages because of this. We wanted to make sure that the Rapid Repair was fully set before we attempted to bond another piece. With as many pieces this took almost an entire day to repair, coming back every hour or so to add another section.

Fortunately there were a few good chunks missing on the inside, this gave us the ability to fill those areas in with RR, enabaling a better bond of the pieces. The course texture of the cracked pieces of ceramic enabled a good mechanical bond to occur. The inside of the pot however, had a smooth coated surface, so applying any RR there was not a good idea as it did not bond at all.

Slowly but surely the pot is coming back to life. Bit by bit repairs were slowly made throughout the day.

The main pieces of the pot are all back together! Now it's time to adhere the smaller mosaic tiles that came off.

The jig saw puzzle begins.

All the smaller tile pieces were put back on with Rapid Repair as well. We chipped off the remaining grout around the pieces and used a nice runny mix of RR for grout.

The worst of the visible cracks. Which, when you glance at the pot from across the room is hardly noticable at all as it blends in with the grout lines. All in all half of a 5oz. kit of chameleon was used for this project.